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Blackhawk Systems, Inc., a systems integration company, presents MES+, a manufacturing execution solution specifically written for the repetitive automotive part manufacturer. Blackhawk's MES+ relieves the shop floor of the burdensome recording requirements that are required by the ERP/MRP solutions while simultaneously enabling your management team to meet the ever-changing requirements that your customer’s demand.


Blackhawk's MES+ also enables us to support and integrate legacy and in-house developed shop floor solutions, thus preserving the plant's present investments while opening the door into a whole new world of capabilities.

Within the repetitive manufacturing world, the only way to continually improve the manufacturing method is to be able to accurately measure where you are in real-time.  Blackhawk’s Vision is to enable the plant to proactively and reactively move toward reduced cost, improved part production, and improved part quality, while accurately fulfilling the customer's requirements.


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