WMS Scan to Move by Blackhawk Systems

WMS Scan to Move Module

Accurate inventory is the most important stepping stone to success in repetitive manufacturing.

With every container labeled correctly, every inventory move is accomplished through the scanning of the container’s serial number and scanning the location that it is going to.

Primary features

  • Wireless touch screen terminal (with scanner) on fork lift / truck / hand held tablet
  • Touch screen user interface with scanner for the material placement
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Reports
    • Aged Part report with container location detail
    • Aged Location report with container part detail
  • Supervisor override capability

Primary functions

  • Scan-to-cycle count
  • Scan-to-physical count
  • Down-stocking
    • Breaking a pallet into its associated simple containers
    • Break-bulk – Building simple containers from bulk container (screws/resin)
  • Pallet Management – scan simple containers to and from a master pallet
  • Container Quality – scan to sort with scrap reporting


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