WMS Scan to Receive by Blackhawk Systems

WMS Scan to Receive Module

The Blackhawk Scan to Receive Module uses state-of-the-art scan- centric technology as the first step in our cutting edge approach to world class inventory control. In receiving, each container is uniquely identified and enters the plant with its content known, based on the scanning of the containers simple or master label.

This information is then seamlessly and immediately transferred directly into the ERP, ending the commonplace data entry or timing issues which stem from the use of paperwork.

Primary features:

  • AIAG Container Label Printing replaces labels that are non-conforming (either unreadable or un-scannable)
  • Receiving reports
    • Received BOL Report
    • Received Part Report
    • Supplier Label Non-Conformance Report

Primary functions:

  • RDR Receiving – Allows the receiving personnel to electronically record issues that impact the receiving event. It also stores an audit for later use by the accounting and materials department. The audit includes: missing parts, wrong parts, bad labels, ect.
  • ERP/MRP update – Uploads BOL into ERP/MRP business solution
  • FIFO Material Move – Allows the enforcement of FIFO material handling


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