Blackhawk MES+ Shipping Module

MES+™ Shipping Module

Blackhawk’s MES+ Shipping Module is scan-centric where every container is scanned before being loaded onto the trailer. This process error proofs the conformance of the product; first making sure it is not on quality hold, then assuring conformance of the container label, and finally making sure the container being loaded is on the customer order – includes AIAG, GM, Ford, & Chrysler – additional shipping partners are quoted.

Primary features

  • Shipping personnel scan their badge to log-in
  • Scheduler downloads, defines, and/or edits shipping requirements based on EDI/DON/RAN/Kanban/862, etc.
  • Load sheets are available to be printed
  • Loads are scanned into the trailer
  • Simultaneous loading of multiple customer / multiple trailers is supported
  • Enforces FIFO of Finished goods shipping
  • Enforces scanned containers to comply with shipping schedule
  • Allows supervisor to override shipping with badge scan
  • Automatic printing of container labels based on changes to dock code etc. from time of the original label print
  • Standard shipping client uses the ship-to code to identify warehouse to warehouse transfers as well as outside processing vendors
  • Can print replacement labels that are non-conforming (either unreadable or un-scannable)

Primary functions

  • ERP/MRP update – Uploads scanned shipment into ERP/MRP business solution


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