Taking Advantage of WMS in Sequencing

Not to long ago, one of the plants who use our WMS solution asked me to work with their engineers to develop a way to decrease the number of pick face locations that provided finished good inventory for their sequencing line. They simply did not have the space needed to provide 260+ shelf locations.

Since we were already providing the replenishment solution for their sequenced line pick face, the engineer asked could we simply identify a half dozen low runner locations and “swap” low runner parts into these locations based on the next 90 minutes of the broadcast.

Worked like a charm.

With our “look-ahead” replenishment solution, they reduced their shelving requirements by 40% and we are now in the process of retrofitting every sequencing line in the plant.

If a sequencing line is in your plant or in your future, you may wish to consider making how you replenish your pick face a value add rather then simply a cost.