Blackhawk is 20 years young! 

Blackhawk is celebrating its 20th year of successfully serving the automotive parts supplying community. We are a rare breed when it comes to software service providers. A small company who has grown and prospered because we listen to our customers. Agility is our middle name and leading edge is how we provide success. We are a “can do / done that” solutions provider. “Cloud based?” – sure if that is what you would like. A “phone app” interface to see the status of your manufacturing floor – not a problem. Physical inventory disaster – we can help. Automated replenishment – absolutely. 3PL integration with an ANDON schedule/display – certainly. A full build in sequence instrument panel production line with loads of PLC interfacing? Sure – done that many times. What about Ford ILVS sequencing for a dozen lines? Yup. Honda small lot sequencing? Again – many times.

What about – I don’t want to replace my ERP but it looks like I will need to… what can you do to help? Quite a lot as it turns out. The drive to replace an ERP comes from recognized weaknesses in the business behavior (plant culture). By automating and enforcing the proper best business practices, these re-occurring difficulties are replaced by re-occurring successes.

We at Blackhawk have learned a few things over the last 20 years. Give us a call. Let’s talk.