How can Blackhawk improve my plant’s current solutions?

Blackhawk is an intelligent software layer between the shop floor and your plant business solutions. Extremely customizable, our Shopfloor 4.0 takes the specific business requirements and rules that exist within your business solutions and seamlessly integrates them with your manufacturing floor processes.

Bottom Line – how does Blackhawk reduce costs?

In the most direct fashion, Blackhawk reduces costs by removing the need for manual paperwork recording and data entry, as well as the opportunity for human error. Costs are also saved as a result of this production information flowing directly from the floor into your present business solutions.

What is a point solution?

A point solution is software that is designed to solve one specific problem. The ability Blackhawk has to tailor the individual point solutions to your plant’s specific needs is one of the reasons our Shopfloor 4.0 is so effective. A plant is a complex puzzle, Blackhawk makes all the pieces fit together smoothly and efficiently.

What do you mean by “Scan-Centric”?

Very much like it sounds, scanning is central to our Shopfloor 4.0. Every work station and every forklift is equipped with a scanner. Nothing happens without a label getting scanned, which means every container coming in, every container being moved, and every person touching a container is accounted for at all times.

How does Blackhawk enable management to enforce accuracy?

When an employee logs into his or her station, they scan their badge. As they work, every part and container that they touch has the employee’s badge associated with it. If an issue arises, it can be tracked back to a specific employee.

What sets Blackhawk apart from its competitors?

We know repetitive manufacturing requires continual improvement. Our solutions center around best practices, both in feature, in function and in available hardware. We form our system around your needs, we don’t ask you to change the way you work to meet ours.