Blackhawk is in the business of providing solutions to plants with manufacturing in sequence through machine interfaces, as well as pick-n-pack sequencing, both kit and non-kit.

The cornerstone of every sequencing solution is that each part is uniquely identified with a serialized barcode label. From these labels, we enforce that the correct part order is packed in each container, and then the correct container order is loaded into the trailer.

Honda is the newest OEM joining the Blackhawk sequencing family. They are unique because they provide their sequencing order through the 862 EDI document. We are unique in that we enable the plant to sequence only the containers impacted by the Honda Small Lot rules. By doing this, Blackhawk can save the plant up to 90% of the packaging effort for Honda Small Lot sequencing.

Primary features

  • Enforces container part order
  • Enforces container order on truck

Primary functions

  • Seamless access to broadcast or EDI sequencing requirements

We presently support sequencing for the following:

  • GM 866
  • Ford ILVS
  • Chrysler
  • Honda Small Lot
  • Other customers are always in development


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