Solutions development in the manufacturing community requires a unique blend of knowledge. To be a successful service provider requires expertise in .Net, SQL, OPC services, PLC connectivity, ERP requirements, and the list goes on. Not to mention decades of manufacturing experience so that we start with talking the same language and asking the right questions. Blackhawk provides all of this and has been successful in doing so for twenty years.


Legacy application replacement

Legacy applications are those solutions that are close to being without (technical) support. These range from Lotus Notes applications (for a plant who is leaving Lotus Notes,) to in-plant developed solutions where the developers have gone on to other positions or where the local software development company has closed.

Moving ERPs is too expensive

In some situations, the business case for moving from one ERP to another just cannot be made. But there are still manufacturing requirements that do not exist within your present ERP (or if they do, they are horrendously difficult to use). We at Blackhawk excel in providing the solutions needed to fill the gap between what your ERP provides and what you need to run your plant efficiently.

Ease of use

There are applications in every ERP, that seem to make what should be simple to be vastly more complex. There are also process weaknesses in every ERP that make a plant use Excel rather then what the ERP suggests. Lastly, there are design weaknesses in every ERP that makes running your plant within the culture of your plant almost impossible.We have found that for most of these situations we can design a “front-end” to your ERP process that enables your plant culture to run efficiently as well as using your ERP to its best capability.


Machine / PLC / Fixture based manufacturing

Blackhawk has a wide range of expertise in providing solutions for error-proofing and process control (and tracking) with fixtures/PLC. We have provided everything from simple scale controls to full IP manufacture in sequence controls.