Blackhawk Production Andon Board

We recently had a plant manager state that the “Blackhawk Production ANDON board” was the best piece of software that he ever purchased. A truly significant complement considering the range of automation that he has implemented across his three facilities.

The characteristics that make this product so successful is that it provides both the visual aspect of a real-time ANDON board and the exception based electronic notification to the plant management when the schedule is being impacted by production issues. Not a day later, not a shift later, not even an hour later but immediately!

This ANDON display is an example of the information that can be displayed. Management notification is determined by the needs of the plant. For example, some plants want to notify the material’s group when a line is experiencing lost time (downtime) due to material shortage. They also may want the production supervisors’ group to be notified when a line’s production attainment percentage has fallen below 90%. Or an “expedited” text message to plant management when a line has been down for longer than 30 minutes. The opportunities to provide real time notification of production issues are endless.

Also, with the availability of large touch screen displays, we can provide direct user interaction that allows many additional tools such as EWO (Emergency Work Order) generation and issue escalation management to be easily available at the line.

If you like what you see give us a call with any questions or to set up a WebEx demonstration.