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Blackhawk WMS

Blackhawk’s Warehouse Management System provides the scan-centric tools needed to reduce on-hand inventory, to increase inventory turns, save valuable square footage, and improve the bottom line. Every module within our suite focuses on material management efficiency resulting in savings in time, money, and floor space.

Available Modules

  • Scan to Receive
  • Scan to Move
  • Scan to Replenish

Blackhawk MES+

Maximizing output velocity, while delivering the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost is the challenge facing today’s manufacturers. Accomplishing this task without a reasonable amount of automation is difficult at best. Blackhawk Systems has been providing successful manufacturing execution solutions for the repetitive manufacturing world for over 20 years. Five plant’s recognized in Industry Week’s “Top 10 Manufacturing Plants” have stated that Blackhawk were a portion of their success.

Available Modules

  • MES+ Production
  • MES+ Production Machine Interface
  • MES+ Sequencing
  • MES+ Shipping

Why a modular solution?

Affordable and customizable are just two of the reasons we decided to de-bundle our wall-to-wall solution into components. Each module solves specific needs of the manufacturing plants while still retaining and enforcing the business rules and best practices.


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