Warehouse Management System

Since we introduced our WMS (Warehouse Management System) a decade ago, it has gone through many revisions and enhancements. So why are we proclaiming our “old” WMS solution as a new product? Because with its latest release, the Blackhawk WMS solution can run completely independent of an ERP.

But why have a Warehouse Management System at all?

First, it provides an easy-to-use tablet-based scanning solution that gives real-time visibility to where every container is at in your plant.

Second, it enables unheard of inventory accuracy. Last year, one of our plant’s reported a 99.97% accurate physical inventory, a 17-million-dollar inventory with a $5,000 variance!

Third, for those plants who are using fixed part locations in their warehousing model, the Blackhawk WMS allows the plant to move to floating part/locations and improves the overall use of warehouse floor space by 20% to 30%. (We had one plant reduce their warehouse requirement from 125,000 sq. feet to 75,000 sq. feet.)

If you are interested in implementing a successful WMS into your plant please give us a call…