Why are you still doing physical inventories?

Why are you still doing physical inventories?

Why are we still doing physical inventories after having two years with over a 99% inventory accuracy?” I was asked this question by plant management at one of our largest plants.

I responded, “That is a great question. You have put in place all the steps needed to keep your inventory extremely accurate and the last two physical inventories have proven so. How much does the physical inventory cost? 50k? 100k? I am sure you could use that money elsewhere towards other successes at your plant.”

I don’t know what the plant will decide to do but they have fully integrated the Blackhawk Warehouse Management solution into their three facilities, and they see it as the cornerstone of their inventory success.

How much time, money, and effort would you save if you didn’t have to do physical inventories?

Without the right tools, inventory accuracy is very difficult to obtain. The Blackhawk Warehouse Management solution is built on the scanning of the container serial number and then the location that the container is placed into. Easy to do. Easy to enforce. Easy to get results.