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All I want….

All I want…. As a manufacturing software solutions provider, the phrase that we like to hear most from plant management is the phrase "All I want..." This tells us two very important things: First, there is a problem that needs to be fixed. Second, that this specific problem has a solution that has already been [...]

We succeed when your ERP fails!

We succeed when your ERP fails! In a recent phone conversation, discussing our many methods of electronic replenishment signal generation, we were asked “Why doesn’t my ERP do this?” The answer is fairly simple. It is all about the money. Many years ago, the major ERP vendors determined that tailoring their solutions to the exact [...]

Why are you still doing physical inventories?

Why are you still doing physical inventories? Just a few weeks ago, I was asked this question by plant management at one of our largest Magna plants. “Why are we still doing physical inventories after having two years with over a 99% inventory accuracy?” I responded, “That is a great question. You have put in [...]

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System Since we introduced our WMS (Warehouse Management System) a decade ago, it has gone through many revisions and enhancements. So why are we proclaiming our “old” WMS solution as a new product? Because with its latest release, the Blackhawk WMS solution can run completely independent of an ERP. But why have a [...]

Blackhawk Production Andon Board

Blackhawk Production Andon Board We recently had a plant manager state that the “Blackhawk Production ANDON board” was the best piece of software that he ever purchased. A truly significant complement considering the range of automation that he has implemented across his three facilities. The characteristics that make this product so successful is that it [...]

Blackhawk is 20 years young!

Blackhawk is 20 years young!  Blackhawk is celebrating its 20th year of successfully serving the automotive parts supplying community. We are a rare breed when it comes to software service providers. A small company who has grown and prospered because we listen to our customers. Agility is our middle name and leading edge is how [...]

Ease-of-Use software solutions

Ease-of-Use software solutions Over the decades that Blackhawk has been serving the manufacturing community, we have provided many plants with solutions where the first sentence spoken in the initial meeting was “all we want is.” It wasn’t that their ERP or MES solution didn’t have something that could have worked, it was that it was [...]

New Product Release

New Product Release Blackhawk is proud to announce that we have our new JIT production scheduler available. This tool enables the plant’s production scheduler to import and edit the customer’s hourly shipping requirements from their EDI based customer orders and then display them as the real-time production schedule to the production line. This display both [...]

Inventory Accuracy over 99.97%

Inventory Accuracy over 99.97% Blackhawk is a software solutions company whose focus is in inventory control for repetitive manufacturing plants. There is a success story that occurred recently that clearly displays what inventory control is all about that we wanted to share with you. Just before the holidays, we made a phone call to one [...]

Taking Advantage of WMS in Sequencing

Taking Advantage of WMS in Sequencing Not to long ago, one of the plants who use our WMS solution asked me to work with their engineers to develop a way to decrease the number of pick face locations that provided finished good inventory for their sequencing line. They simply did not have the space needed to [...]