Inventory Accuracy over 99.97%

Inventory Accuracy over 99.97%

Inventory Accuracy over 99.97%

Blackhawk is a software solutions company whose focus is in inventory control for repetitive manufacturing plants. There is a success story that occurred recently that clearly displays what inventory control is all about that we wanted to share with you.

Just before the holidays, we made a phone call to one of our largest customers who uses our Warehouse Management Solution.  We were calling to see how their latest physical inventory went.

When we asked, it caused a chuckle. “Management thinks we are doing a great job!” Our customer responded.

“That’s good,” we replied “What were your numbers like?”

Our customer shared this. “Over our three facilities, 16 million dollars in inventory, our variance was 5k.” “Our inventory accuracy was over 99.97%!”

We were certainly impressed and congratulated them on all of their hard work and their management’s effort in this success and asked them what they thought made the difference.

The number one reason for their new found inventory accuracy was the implementation of our Warehouse Management Solution and the fact that we enforce their best practices within the culture of their plant.  In their words, “Blackhawk enforces the process that drives inventory accuracy.”

This is the level of accuracy that your plant could achieve with the use of Blackhawk’s WMS system.  It is the driving force that enables the plant to enforce your inventory management best practices.

Every repetitive manufacturing facility needs the highest level of inventory accuracy to remain competitive in today’s environment.